The Technology

Rock Companies is committed to increasing the value of your investment through sophisticated and secure software technology to help streamline the management of each property, manage leads and respond promptly to resident's requests.

OneSite® property management system is a web based tool intended to streamline the key business processes relating to leasing, accounting, purchasing, and facilities management. This system comprehends payment processing, central reporting, and document management systems, while offering the following benefits:

  • More effective management of revenue opportunities
  • More streamlined rent collection process (resident and subsidy)
  • Improved management of the letter verification process (origin to completion), while offering audit trail capabilities.
  • Fully Integrated accounts receivable program. point of lease systems automate each of the key steps of the online leasing process, inclusive of: application, screening, and document management. Also comprehended is the exclusive eSignature technology and Renter's insurance, which seamlessly integrates eRenterPlan into the process to provide coverage at the time of lease execution.

LevelOne® sales and marketing systems capture and manage leads, give prospects the ability to view and lease units online, and allow residents to report maintenance needs. The system includes a state-of-the-art call center and resident portal technology. LevelOne combines a simple, streamlined process including automated, intelligent e-mail responses and computer screen pop-ups.

Contact Center. Staffed around the clock by highly-trained professionals, the contact center backs up the on-site staff to provide prospects and residents the information they need, day or night, with a quick, concise and courteous response. Key considerations:

  • All calls are recorded, whether they're answered by the on-site professionals or call center agents. These recordings can be reviewed at any time for quality assurance.
  • Guest Cards are created automatically and fed into OneSite® leasing to ensure follow up and traffic reporting efficiency.
  • Service requests are created by the contact center agents and are automatically fed into the OneSite® facilities, where they're automatically assigned to the proper technician.

Lead Management. Is a business process offered to track ad source performance, prospect follow up, and the tracking of follow up performance. The lead management tool provides an evaluation of "where" we are attaining the best return on investment and a process to ensure that the respective leasing agents are responding in a prompt and appropriate fashion.

The technology at Rock Companies