Rock Management

Rock Companies offers unparalleled management services to all of the multi-family communities built and owned by the various Rock Companies and private investors. From brand new condominiums to Luxury apartment communities, to student housing, Rock Management understands the day-to-day needs of the residents who select our neighborhoods, and the investment objectives of the owners.

Rock Companies is one of a select few management companies who can boast expertise in all areas of real estate. Our in-house team includes professionals specializing in engineering design, real estate development, construction, leasing, maintenance, accounting, information systems, and real estate law. These individual capabilities combine to produce a multi-faceted professional team who can act decisively and effectively on behalf of our residents and our clients.

Rock Companies manages thousands of units throughout the United States, and has completed more than 6 billion dollars of real estate transactions. All communities are cared for with a satisfied resident in mind. With a proven track record of leasing all types of properties and achieving the highest standards, you can feel comfortable that your home and investment is being well cared for. Rock accepts portfolio assignments nationwide and presently has individual management assignments throughout Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Washington State.

About Rock Management