About Rock Companies

Our Business

Rock Management. A multifamily management company that provides property management, asset management, training, marketing, financial, and accounting services for its own portfolio and to individual and institutional investors and owners. They accept portfolio assignments nationwide and presently have individual management assignments throughout Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Washington.

Rock Construction Company. A residential developer, builder and real estate broker, licensed in the States of Michigan and Florida, that with its affiliates has collaborated to complete numerous commercial and residential projects, including office developments, single-family homes, condominium sites and apartment communities. Rock Construction Company is a member of the National Association of Home Builders.

Rock Equities. A private equity entity established in 2001, to enable investment services for institutional and private buyers, centered on the pursuit of commercial and consumer based real estate opportunities. Its holdings include several properties in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Washington.

Mission. Rock Companies strives to provide unique and innovative products and services in the real estate field that represent superior and measurable values to all stakeholders - customers and investors alike.

About Rock Companies